River Kayak

This tour takes place in shallow waters where numerous kind of animals can be seen, such as different species of birds, reptiles, and monkeys. The vegetation on this trip is also very beautiful with many Kind of native mangrove trees and other plants. This trip does not require any experience. The only requirement for this tour is to be nature lover and to have an adventurous spirit.

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Mangrove OraMangrove Nosara

Ora Mangrove


Cost: U.S. $60 per person, children between 4 to 8 years $45

This a self rowing kayak trip between mangrove channels near the mouth of the Rio Ora. Special for lovers of bird watching in calm waters among the black and red mangroves.

Minimum 2 persons

This tour is only available during the summer time, 3 HOUR BEFORE HIGH TIDE

Mangrove Nosara

Cost: U.S. $80 per person, children between 4 to 8 years $60, children under 4 free.

This tour is only available 3 HOUR BEFORE HIGHT TIDE

river_kayak_3 river_kayak_2 river_kayak_1

Class I river surrounded by tropical dry forest and magical mangroves with many birds and coastal low lands.

Minimum 4 people.

What to bring: camera, sun block, sun glasses, t-shirts, bug repellant, and shorts.

What is included: fruit, water, experienced guide, and life jackets.

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